Extracts from the Greenhush Novel

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Alarmingly correct at predicting the physical realities of global warming…but predictions of society’s reactions have been utterly wrong


The young will recognise that the old generation have knowingly ruined the planet


We are already starting to see the rise of protectionism and nationalism


I don’t understand why everyone thinks the loss of Arctic ice is unimportant


Spending time saving one’s soul is more worthwhile than saving lives


Loss of Arctic ice will exacerbate global warming, taking the future out of our hands with dreadful consequences


Over-population and global warming together…
Keep climate change conversations for consenting adults
There’s still not a branch of society that’s started to address the issues or even ask the right questions
Many will fight to the last drop of oil to destroy themselves and the rest of the globe


Progenicide: the acceptance that our lifestyle will mean the death of descendants or progeny