Greenhush novel – Part 1: Prologue

Prologue to Part 1
The stone gargoyles and statues, carved on the spires and towers had been reshaped by hundreds of years of weathering, but they still watched as after months of sleepy summer quiet, the streets of Oxford once again started to come alive.
Each individual wandered or marched with their own ambitions, yet when combined with friends or unknown strangers, as viewed from the roof tops, they created a pattern. First there was a discernible trickle, then a flood fed by trains, taxis, coaches, buses and cars. These discharged their hesitant or confident occupants into the roads and alleyways where they soon learnt to dodge the ever-growing frenzy of cyclists. The flow continued to build, yet only from on high was it possible to see this human flow pond and drain into the ubiquitous quadrangles and stately buildings that made up the individual college fortresses. A new university year was about to begin.

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