Greenhush – Extracts from the novel

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The paragraphs below are extracts from the novel for those just interested in some of the scientific, religious or philosophical aspects of the problems that we have engineered for our planet.

‘I have often wondered what it would have felt like to be living when a civilisation collapses. In Rome, I gather there was starvation, not because there was no wheat, but because after their old mills had been looted. they had lost the know-how to grind enough grain to make sufficient bread.’

‘If global warming was such a threat, then someone would have said something or done doing something about it. No one’s doing anything so it can’t be real.’

‘I feel afraid of the cracks. If my foot should fail to land in the middle of a paving slab, then I may slip through a gap in this fantasy world and see the reality I am starting to fear.

‘Should it be acceptable to deny the massive loss of life and extinction of species that the scientists predicted and is so clearly  already under way from global warming and over-population?

I come from the Middle East where my family has learnt to run. This is something that everyone will have to run from, yet there is nowhere to run to.

’There is no desire anywhere to prevent it. Not even those countries or states that will be totally turned to sand have any desire to lift a finger to stop it. Most people would prefer to fight for the right to turn their country into desert, rather than listen to environmentalists.

‘It’s fine to let thousands of people die, but if you dare to warn people you will be condemned.’

The current concepts of sustainability are clearly not sustainable. We are just playing with the problem.

Our generation have inherited a wonderful vibrant planet. We are passing on a doomed world.

A very high percentage of the population, is very happy to take a stance on climate change and bet billions of lives that they are correct, regardless of evidence. Unfortunately, this includes civil engineers who should be taking responsibility for controlling the environment based on the scientific warnings.

Economics just a man-made system. We could spend as much as we want and clear the account with a swipe of the pen like with the Marshall plan after the Second World War or with Third World Debts. If global warming is a physical reality, any expense on the man-made tally sheet to reduce it would be worth the sacrifice.

Which would be easier to deal with in ten years time, rampant inflation or rampant temperature rise?’

Knowing the future of the world has killed the art of Science Fiction, leaving us just re-runs from the 1970’s and Science Fantasy?

The philosophical question of the age; is why this generation is not prepared to give up or move on from recent conveniences that will destroy us?

Then comes the economic question of the age, how to change the economy from promoting the burning of fossil fuels to a low-carbon system’

In politics, all parties to acknowledge the risks, but join with the majority of the electorate in taking no notice.’

‘Britain is the end of the line..There is nowhere else to run to, so this is where the fighting will be worst.’.

The teacher burnt a wooden splint and showed that the timber had disappeared. He explained that carbon in the wood would all be absorbed by plants. I remember thinking, ‘No it won’t. No system works that well. I now know that only around half of the carbon in that splint would have been re-absorbed and re-cycled. The rest would remain as carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, stopping the low frequency heat waves escaping back to space.’

I would bet that the last thin layer of ice will go in a rush in say 2024 plus or minus four years. That is just my personal view however. Most engineers shown this graph still believe that the ice will last to beyond 2050.

‘I am afraid that no one is even praying for a miracle. We have had a couple of reprieves, but I never heard of anyone thanking God for an opportunity to sort ourselves out’

The seven deadly sins are: wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy and gluttony. Now at least five of those will be taken by your children to apply to the whole of our generation.

‘Very few people believe that temperatures are rising or that we are in real trouble, never mind believe that we may be at the threshold of a tipping point. Almost everyone has convinced themselves that there is no immediate danger.

We have decided not to stop global warming so it is high time we started to design for what is in store for us..

 We have a “metaphysical disregard for reality”.

My generation have inherited a wonderful vibrant planet, yet we are quite prepared to pass on a doomed world if it means not having to look outside the box to acknowledge what we have done. This massacre of our children and grandchildren could be called progenicide.

In a few years this denial will be viewed as the most dreadful evil ever conceived or committed by one generation on another. We are prepared to condemn our children and grandchildren along with the whole planet to a horrific future that will last for thousands of years.


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