Greenhush – the Novel



a novel

In an attempt to save the planet the novel is made available to view below pending publication in September 2021.

  • The Book is mostly an exciting easy-to-read story of relationships, education and sport. However, it is used to reveal the dreadful underlying dangers that in 2021 are becoming increasingly apparent.
  • Forthright discussions cover hazards that even the most concerned lecturers and authors have felt compelled to downplay over the past decades to “avoid causing alarm”.
  • The new concept of progenicide is introduced – little or no thought to the impact of current emissions on other countries, the young generation and our progeny.
  • The plot uses real-life discoveries of prehistoric settlements to indicate both the scale of current environmental change and soil loss, and also the impact that climate change has and will have on civilisations.
  • The novel needs to be read and circulated widely to reduce the severity of warming and to allow for preparations for physical and humanitarian impacts.


  • The Author has published many technical papers on risks and climate.
  • A Civil Engineer, a profession that boasted control of the natural environment.
  • First project was the Thames Barrier in 1980 (used up to 50 times a year).
  • Visiting university lecturer on low carbon materials and climate.
  • Climate Task Force 2016-18 for Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE).
  • Delegate for engineers at COP21 in Paris 2015.
  • Warned that IPCC AR5 2014 under-played the risks (see AR5 2021/22).



Rhan, a Syrian refugee living in Sunderland, arrives at Oxford to study engineering. Influenced by her tutorial partner, George, she discovers that her new safe life at the centre of western culture is an illusion fed by denial of a heating planet. The sport of rowing on both the Thames and the Wear is Rhan’s main escape.

In a trip to North Yorkshire, George shows Rhan moorland where environmental impacts are now revealing extraordinary details of prehistoric civilisations. These provide alarming perspectives on the scale of coming changes.

This novel and the pre-Greta attitudes to the younger generation up to 2018 should be of particular interest in the run-up to the COP26 climate talks in Glasgow, November 2021.

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Chapter 1 to 7

Other chapters due to be updated 15 August 2021